Pressa Talks Going on the Run for Attempted Murder

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In this clip, Pressa gives a background of his extensive criminal history as well as that of his father and brother. Pressa goes in depth about selling drugs from his mom’s house and eventually having that house raided by police. He talks about how his criminal background includes a conviction of organized crime, a charge of attempted murder, and drug distribution. Pressa actually went on the run over the attempted murder charge but was eventually caught and served 10 months before the charge was dropped. According to him, he didn’t even stress the possibility of a conviction because he was confident in his innocence. Pressa also took time to reveal that his name is an homage to his father, who was also heavy in the streets and aptly named, Prestige. deneme bonusu

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  • TheRezz34 7 years ago

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  • Mali Xo 7 years ago

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  • King Ahmos 7 years ago

    He needs some guidance to do some positive things in his life especially if he's going to influence millions of people through his music… Uplift brother from your current starting circumstances and from your current environment to do great things in your life.

  • hungryandrew 7 years ago

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  • Loominaughty 7 years ago

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  • 404 Kidd 7 years ago

    I been Ignoring his interviews and now I see why

  • TheIntrovert83 7 years ago

    Is he Somalian?

  • living tribunal 7 years ago

    Americans think there the only people with guns, Pressas a real gun man

  • North Jane 7 years ago

    His crew is a bunch of grimey killers. They shot a pregnant girl from Rexdale, killed her. Massive war. Between Driftwood Crips vs Jamestown IDS Crips.

  • godzangel100 7 years ago

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  • Ab Mo 7 years ago

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  • mekanicaldave 7 years ago

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  • mekanicaldave 7 years ago

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  • Oprah's Lost husband 7 years ago

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  • Mohamed Abdi 7 years ago

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  • CUT GOD 7 years ago

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  • djvlad 7 years ago

    WATCH Part 2:
    Part 1:

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