Lil Baby on Coach K Getting Him to Rap, His Life Wasn’t Fabricated like Most Rappers

Part 1:

In this clip, Lil Baby gave the backstory to starting his rap career pointing out how legendary record executives and managers Coach K and Pee were the ones that urged him to become a rapper. Lil Baby went onto to talk about his music style stating that he’s in the process of “grasping” his swag. He also revealed that he’s humbled by seeing fans recite his song to the point that he stops on stage and smiles. Lil Baby detailed how he got his name being the youngest one in his crew claiming he ran around with dudes 35-years-old when he was 16. He later discussed his label situation with Quality Control, stating that he’s not signed and they have a management partnership but Quality Control is family.


  • fLight's Desperate Ass 7 years ago

    "Exactly" – Lil Baby, 2017

  • Iam Bricito 7 years ago

    That's my dawg

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  • Drillo Savage 7 years ago

    If i would get a dollar for everytime he said exactly i would be rich

  • renegade 500 7 years ago

    exactly lol

  • Death before Dishonor 7 years ago


  • Dadee3 7 years ago

    These corny niggers still start their rap names with "Lil" and "Young" in 2017 still?!!?!

  • AF Twice 7 years ago

    When rappers call themselves "lil", I don't even listen to them.. They're letting me know their shit is unoriginal.

  • T&EBEATS 7 years ago

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  • Black Domestic Discipline 7 years ago

    Would I be wrong if I say this interview is slow….exactly

  • MOHU 7 years ago

    Q: So how old are you ?
    A: exactly.

  • dtyson540 7 years ago

    How are you a rapper with such a small vocabulary?

  • Dblizz_ Filmz 7 years ago


  • Oohao Hembodo 7 years ago

    "Echsaly" and "nhawh sayn" are the only Words Homie know

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  • Conor McGregor 7 years ago

    Ya das my dawg.

  • Conor McGregor 7 years ago

    My dawg???

  • RamenMusic1 7 years ago

    Fuck this bum ass nigga

  • 9921386 7 years ago

    You know that they are running out of these dumbass names when some dudes name is "lil baby"

  • Nico Lucci 7 years ago

    Hardest out the A rn (pause)

  • Macho Man22 7 years ago

    Man I thought he made Coach K from Duke to rap?????

  • xXRottenCornXx209 7 years ago

    We just found chris webby's bastard child

  • Kkthxbbgg 7 years ago

    A-town & My dawg go hard

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  • Mulattodreads 7 years ago

    ? ? count how many "exactly" in the video

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  • Thomas Grant 7 years ago

    Kno what I'm saying!!!

  • Godking Loks 7 years ago

    Q: Lil Baby what time is it?
    A: Exactly

  • d. bankhead 7 years ago

    Vlad …
    Lil Baby: Exactly

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  • JO Darmian 7 years ago

    His first album should be entitled " exactly"

  • SoFlo Trill 7 years ago fwm somethin different digg

  • Big B 7 years ago

    exactly !!!

  • Dirt Murphy 7 years ago

    zack lee

  • swaggedoutrebel 7 years ago

    What jumpsuit he got on

  • Buck Jones 7 years ago

    This muthafucka said "exactly" more times than Lord Jamar said "YouknowhatImean" in all his video's put together.

  • NBA GURU NETWORK 7 years ago

    ?vlad changed the title…what happened to the Coach K bullshit #Salute

  • Justin Stone 7 years ago

    This is what they all say. Every rapper claim they're real.

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