Blue Benjamin Sleepy: “Baltimore made the New Balance 990’s a popular shoe”

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  • Blockboy flocka 7 years ago

    990's AINT een been out that long & thats DC shit

  • Ky1216 7 years ago

    Philly been rocking new balance since the 80s we just wasn't on the 990s but we been wearing them along with the saconys

  • Malik Tez444 7 years ago

    Bitch ass BMore Niggah Lying DC started this shit Moe Philly and Bmore Copied the Swag Just Like Nike Boots and New balance and Foams

  • Bandoboyceej 7 years ago

    Bro they been hot in Philly

  • Sixms 7 years ago

    These niggas got the FUNNIEST accent listen to how they say new and Baltimore

  • jimscore1 7 years ago

    Lies DC made 990s a popular shoe

  • Dior Johnson 7 years ago

    Its SHOES At the End of the Day!!! I'm From BALTIMORE !!!! & It doesn't Matter Fuck a DC & Fuck a Philly… Nobody Gives a Fuck!!!

  • 404mvp1 7 years ago

    This nigga lying like a typical bmore on dicks D.C. Started it they used to wear af1 trying be like ny niggas and they wore fake Jordan's and and fake af1 from the bmore flea market

  • Pro Habits 7 years ago

    New balances are ugly af but a definition comfortable Trap shoe

  • Pro Habits 7 years ago

    DC started that trend

  • Pro Habits 7 years ago

    13 OH Shit yo shit cost a buck 30 ??

  • jimscore1 7 years ago

    Bmore gonna say they invented mumbo sauce next ??‍♂️

  • A Bo 7 years ago

    Ayo y u say 990s just got hot in Philly? We been wearing New Balance since pup years, that's al we wore in Elementary school. We been wearing 990s.

  • Big Alias2017 7 years ago

    This nigga need to stop what he doin talkin bout DC just started wearing new balance niggas been doin this shit for DECADES we was on 991s 992s 498s 2000s 993s all that shit and even way before that like other comments said..Nigga talkin bout we just started wearing 990s Shy Glizzy got a pair on in his "No Lie" video which was 5 years ago foh

  • Cjp 410 Life 7 years ago

    Both Baltimore And Dc both been rocking NewBs since the 80s period not up debate from a Baltimore Og thats been around ??

  • Meen Lo 7 years ago

    Niggas been wearing 990 from philly niggas dumb late

  • Keep it 1k 7 years ago

    I'm from philly and we wore 993s first then it was 990s, I Will admit it D.C. Started it I don't think b more started it, then u saying 2004 mfs been wearing them, and u can't go off say cheese say about Philly he not really from here

  • Keep it 1k 7 years ago

    D.C. Started this whole fashion wave on the low I give respect when it's due

  • -FastLyfeAnt - 7 years ago

    Ay Cuz Jhi Wild As Shyt DC Niggas Started Dat Trend Holmes Need To Go Do His Homework Before He Start Speaking On Shyt He Dnt Know.

  • yo Mama 7 years ago

    maryland jih had them bitches for a long time. I'm from mock and like 3 years ago we was rocking them

  • yo Mama 7 years ago

    rip swipey

  • DMV Hoodz And News 7 years ago


  • China Gyal 7 years ago

    Baltimore did make new balance popular ….. I'm from Chicago and I know that.

  • China Gyal 7 years ago

    Forces and wheaties will always be what every hood wear.

  • fck u 7 years ago

    We started new balances fuck Dc Yall niggas Bitches

  • fck u 7 years ago

    Dc niggas is funmy get the fuck off my manz shit with that dumb as shit . its shoes my nigga yall get od my manz dick

  • SouthSide Carter 7 years ago

    I been rocking new balances since elementary boy stop playing yourself

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