Yung Joc says the dress was for publicity

Yung Joc recently broke the internet by wearing a dress and hes come out and explained why he wore it. airbnb , bitcoin , yangın algılama sistemleri


  • El Toro 6 years ago


  • tyrus brown 6 years ago

    Yung Jocelyn ?

  • OG Jawdinz 6 years ago

    Bitch ass nigga
    I can’t believe we sung ur bullshit in middleschool
    Stop makin hip hop gay

  • The49erfan52 6 years ago

    No one paying attention to this falloff no mo

  • Hâmza tostos pospos 6 years ago

    Iluminati make him wear that (Kevin hart snoop doog Young thug ) and now his turn

  • ReddtabbclydeTV 6 years ago

    You basically sold your soul for publicity that shit ain't wassup

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