Patsy Whyte – “We Are Skittles”

Published on May 7, 2015 by

New music video and song dedicated to soldiers both past and present who gave their lives so we could be free. This is also a tribute to our gallant veterans who must never be forgotten. My name is Patsy Whyte and I co-wrote We Are Skittles with the help of my partner, a veteran of the Northern Ireland conflict. I also sing the song. lest we forget.

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  • judeir77 9 years ago


  • HannesHager 9 years ago

    kinda sad lol

  • RejectMusic 9 years ago

    great song. cool video footage. i like it

  • samgrpsouth 9 years ago

    Pretty voice Patsy

  • pmathis179 9 years ago

    Amazingly beautiful. Thank you Ms. Whyte

  • KingguruGH 9 years ago

    I can appreciate a video like this paying homage to the troops

  • IuliaDragoescu 9 years ago

    salute our troops! bring them home safe!

  • bethrand_okafor 9 years ago

    too boring for me to be honest but i can respect it at the same time

  • kel_lady 9 years ago

    my bro is in the military and overseas for a year now. i miss him dearly so this kinda made me sad but i do appreciate you making this song and video honoring all of our soldiers who have died for our freedoms. thanks again

  • calified871 9 years ago

    like it

  • Babileegh 9 years ago

    god bless our soldiers

  • DTMysticBand 9 years ago

    who is playing the piano? did u play that?

  • PlennieBuckz 9 years ago


  • NoirMuzik 9 years ago

    why is this even on this site foh

  • subherban201 9 years ago


  • Zab_Rivers 9 years ago

    I can appreciate this

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