@NeishaNeshae – “My Way” #HeatOfTheWeek

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  • NathanClapper 8 years ago

    no flex zone!!!

  • Gregory Despain 8 years ago

    i would seriously marry her

  • JUZDRAG0NFLY 8 years ago

    u dont got da plug yet ma but maybe jaywan gon change yo life cuz dis shit is heat fr

  • Burton Haynes 8 years ago

    frfr #HEAT

  • anikiliss 8 years ago

    you got the plug now baby ugh! #HARD

  • cheeseonthebeat 8 years ago

    fuck a hater!!!!

  • onesixteamo 8 years ago

    dis new bae

  • kingajones13 8 years ago

    lets work mama! hit me up twitter: @BlueTheRapper

  • Issac Maez 8 years ago

    Editing is good. Kinda like the rest of the videos i see these days. Just shot around a city at night. Original song. Video concept not so much

  • EntBrickhouse 8 years ago

    get dat $ girl

  • Luigi 8 years ago

    girl sit yo angry ass down aint no man want a bitter bitch lol 😛

  • PeatyWestroSPG 8 years ago

    why all the videos look the same from these artists on here

  • CBTV3 8 years ago

    lmaooooo commenter above is either trollin or delusional

  • Issac Maez 8 years ago

    Ugh. lil shawty goin hard in da paint

  • Pandimicent 8 years ago

    Detroit stand up!!!!!!!!

  • OzFastCasher 8 years ago

    lets work mama! hit me up twitter: @BlueTheRapper

  • ezahar71 8 years ago

    where dis at? Detroit?

  • dj_susu 8 years ago

    wtf she is MAD! 😀

  • don_miami 8 years ago

    usually jaywan inc signs alot of the heat of the week artists from what i been hearing. dey signed that rahn rahn kid this week i believe

  • LoudboyKev 8 years ago


  • missnewbooti82 8 years ago

    killed this shit hardbody

  • streetlivityent 8 years ago

    beat is wack on some same ol’ trap bullshit

  • FrontPageMGT 8 years ago

    i know datz right baby! tell these men how us bad bitches do it

  • MercuryBeatz 8 years ago

    where can i hear more from you neisha

  • KOMADYAN 8 years ago

    yo ma where u from

  • KnownAsParklife 8 years ago

    fuckin wit it downloading now

  • Hipolito Wiseman 8 years ago

    you goin to the top with tracks like these. Damn good I can feel the passion for real

  • iamjacobjobe 8 years ago

    lmaooooo commenter above is either trollin or delusional

  • Tyson 8 years ago

    bitch u tryin too hard

  • Hipolito M. Wiseman 8 years ago


  • TheSubsurface 8 years ago

    K. Michelle needs to take notes. THIS IS HOW YOU PUT EMOTION INTO A SONG! SHIT GO HARD!!!!!!!!!

  • ontoprecords 8 years ago

    yoooo why did the song cut off? where da rest of it?

  • RainereM 8 years ago


  • KaidahnKash 8 years ago

    downloaded and liked

  • B.Merriman 8 years ago

    honestly? she doin 2 much lol

  • JakeMackson 8 years ago

    fuck a hater!!!!

  • xaviersteel 8 years ago

    came here and discovered this lovely lady. this is a hit single. she got that “IT” factor. wonder if jaywan inc gon sign her next

  • ABC2Music 8 years ago

    huge voice out of a lil girl #Impressive

  • YTRegimeEnt 8 years ago

    what is diz chick so mad at lolol

  • tasie1979 8 years ago

    Neisha is fuckin HOT!

  • DelshunMays 8 years ago


  • chillsongs4ever 8 years ago

    Detroit stand up!!!!!!!!

  • RWDallasCountry 8 years ago

    how can i work with u? need a hook on my new single

  • TeamNocoPromo 8 years ago

    throw it back like me? sounds like that august alina song riiiiiight? hmmmmmmmmmm

  • FlyfuckinGuy 8 years ago


  • jashwon_bcdm 8 years ago

    The D is in the building!!!!

  • KeyjonLamonte 8 years ago

    If she can keep dropping videos and singles like this then I think she could get signed soon if not by Jaywan Inc themselves

  • YoungDTBH5 8 years ago


  • c1penns 8 years ago

    “Got another thang comin if u think i want u!”

  • JadaSyco 8 years ago

    Neisha you are so fine baby!!!!

  • MpMusic4u 8 years ago

    jaywan inc need to sign this chick and do for he what they did for swazy baby #GetMoney

  • luccibiz 8 years ago

    finally some mo rnb on dis site dis shit fye

  • sergentmajorco 8 years ago


  • WEHIClic 8 years ago

    girl u are killin it IG: mamacita_4u2

  • DaRealMR100 8 years ago

    dis new bae

  • ddbins001 8 years ago

    oh dis chick is smashin da game who she signed to doe

  • DevanBlakeJones 8 years ago


  • LetzzKeepItREAL 8 years ago

    Neisha you are sooooooooo DOPE!!!!!!! LOVE THIS TRACK!

  • IndyTakeover 8 years ago

    Too dope

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