@MariamiGogo – “Best Friend”

Published on May 3, 2015 by


  • TechMane44 9 years ago

    if only i was older i’d wife this bih right up lmaoooo

  • Giggly_High 9 years ago

    SHE SHOULD BE SIGNED!!!!!!!!!!

  • playthesub 9 years ago

    yo bae where u stay at?

  • nk11clouds 9 years ago

    i wonder if jaywan inc will sign her

  • kym0727 9 years ago

    really interesting! its like u blended r&b with folk lol

  • RealAlexXander 9 years ago

    omg im in love with this girl

  • ShaneDaBest 9 years ago

    love this. really unique. you go girl!

  • ArocAli21 9 years ago

    downloaded this song. this woman is going places

  • IAMVintageJay 9 years ago

    my new bae luvvvvvvvvv

  • BigTreePB 9 years ago

    diz is way too DOPE#!$@#$@!#

  • sixsix2 9 years ago

    Hey I’m really digging this track. Do you have an album out yet?

  • Dahitboy 9 years ago

    fuckin dope with the old school hip hop drums!!!

  • Lovesonic4 9 years ago

    Mariami is my new best friend 😉

  • imjour 9 years ago

    This site is finally getting some good videos and artists on here

  • samshayz 9 years ago

    WOAH. Serious talent starting to be posted around here

  • doe_mannie 9 years ago

    She white? Spanish? What are you? I’m hittin! lol

  • farreljt 9 years ago

    amazing voice baby

  • JukoDaNewShow 9 years ago

    I just checked out her YouTube channel. She’s alot GREAT songs there

  • LeeDeff__ 9 years ago

    downloaded this song. this woman is going places

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