Bandit Gang – On My End (shot by @kd_gray)

Published on April 1, 2015 by


  • SongwriterSb 9 years ago

    HHF = back to work after lunch looking ass nigga

  • paulman787 9 years ago

    So Bandit Gang has finally come out of the closet instead of those incognito cameos.

  • Kizzzzzzay 9 years ago

    Listen….to anybody from the U.S…..I aint hatin but makin a point….Because Dizzee and Lady Sovereign made it to the U.S….dont think thats all we got to offer…fuck nah….you all in a hip hop forum right? So you mu fuckers shud know that these days…hip hop is about gettin money….so what artists do the UK push over in the US??? Ones they think will make paper….not ones that are the best at their craft. If you want REAL hip hop you need to start lookin at the UK…like one comment said….we do it for the love…we hungry we aint gettin money thru labels like they are in the US. Check for man like Skinnyman, Klashnekoff/ Terra Firma, Sway, JME, Wiley…might be different sounds than ur used to…but im sayin…check the rhymes…thats what this shit is about and we got the real lyrical prodigies. One.

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