Aladin Anyebe – “Don’t Wanna Be Lonely”

Published on August 2, 2015 by

A Singer whose middle name should be called Music delivers a soul steering song about lost love. A must watch!



  • Dyson 9 years ago

    Watch the official Don t Wanna Be Lonely video by Aladin Anyebe in HD on WWW. TV and check out the latest new music releases and playlists for free.

  • The Gatekeeper 9 years ago

    This was well-written, vocals could use a little work, production/beat are great, and the video was EXCELLENT quality. Stay on the grind, Aladin! Thanks for your submission!

  • uuholman 9 years ago

    fuck no. wtf is this shit?!?!? TRASH

  • BRANDIZZLEFOOL 9 years ago

    well shot video but song could use a little work. keep up the work man

  • Mogul_Few 9 years ago

    This was GREAT!! Great Aladin! Loved the instrumental too

  • tonyjprimm 9 years ago


  • MuzikBizness 9 years ago

    I LIKED IT 🙂

  • RAKHEMJAVON 9 years ago

    beat is cool

  • SamrOck05 9 years ago

    sorry famo but i couldnt get down with this one at all lol

  • WounRecords 9 years ago

    I love you Aladin!!!!! GREAT SONG!!

  • IBOENT 9 years ago

    i could feel hiz painnnnn

  • KING_XXXIII 9 years ago

    video iz well shot but needs to be edited better. still better than we what we usually get on the Daily Grind with all the trap bullshit!

  • yusuf01fnr 9 years ago

    Hey Aladin were are you from big homie? You in the UK by any chance?

  • TresGilbert 9 years ago

    Nooooooooo noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo hahahaha

  • BlackB0564 9 years ago

    Ok you get my Like vote on this one! UPVOTE! :)))

  • Sharmica5 9 years ago

    how can i download this :/

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