Montana of 300 on His Artist J Real’s Robbery Conviction: I Wasn’t Surprised

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In this clip, Montana of 300 talks about the trouble surrounding his artist J Real who is currently serving a prison sentence for a robbery conviction. According to Montana, the news of the conviction came as no surprise. He believed this was a matter of time considering his artist’s past and the crowd he kept around him. He also discussed the way that J Real wasn’t eager to create his own music but would rather wait to hop on a track with him. The most bizarre story Montana recounted was a time when a friend of his playing professional basketball overseas called him to tell him about J Real committing a robbery. J Real was active in the streets and Montana of 300 detailed the consequences of his activity which resulted in being stabbed after a party in Chicago and getting shot in the stomach and hooked up to a breathing machine.


  • Feer Young 7 years ago

    Nigga got addicted to robbin 9:05

  • Charlie RAWW 7 years ago

    Texas underground artist, trying to better myself and get my family out of the streets, help me get heard, share, follow, repost, thanks ?

  • Viral Season Visuals 7 years ago


  • jacuiii 7 years ago

    Yo you gotta do a interview on $avage of FGE

  • Gerardo Espino 7 years ago


  • prove me wrong 7 years ago

    yall know he got a George Jefferson ball spot in front of them dreads.

  • Wm Ws 7 years ago

    Montana always rock bandanas like a ninja turtle

  • you cant fuck with me!!!! 7 years ago

    Drill rappers finesse everybody but this nigga

  • Bernard Schneisenpower III 7 years ago

    Rap god in the building

  • King dream 7 years ago

    Montana 300- hot nigga – jreal thats my shooter he done pop niggas we dont box but we put u inna box nigga

  • Victor Alexander 7 years ago

    yeah man I'm rooting for Montana

  • xDDTGツ {911X} 7 years ago


  • Papi Leyva 7 years ago

    Montana real af for that ain't no fake love in him

  • Prince K 7 years ago

    Montana n Herb needa make a song

  • CCDP Quaz 7 years ago

    My nigga need to sign tay sav before he end up like young pappy bro. Spam his twitter

  • zWAVYz 7 years ago

    At da end of day you really fukin up my money lmao Montana funny asf

  • Kid Glo 7 years ago

    montana of 300 so knowledgeable & really be takin ppl under his wing, u can tell he real genuine about the love he got for his people

  • lilfamo073 7 years ago

    if dat was my homey i woulda been cut dat nigga off da nigga montana got a big heart

  • jwvideos 7 years ago

    I dare you to show that hairline

  • Brewcity Jay 7 years ago

    Low key the new Lil wayne of are generation just don't get the credit smh…

  • Dee JR. 7 years ago

    Tank with dreads

  • freebandz f 7 years ago

    free my boy jacorey frfr grew up wit em love em to death ?

  • freebandz f 7 years ago

    but not gonna lie kinda happy jacorey in jail peoria give u the same energy u give it..! shit get bad around here

  • KING KASHEZ 7 years ago


  • redrum murder 7 years ago

    If this dude wasn't a rapper he be the CEO of a company somewhere

  • B Med 7 years ago

    We need a m03 x Dave east collab ???

  • bob smith 7 years ago

    that's some real ass shit you can tell Montana care about his artists#rap god#drop that shit already

  • SSD 8 7 years ago

    "Hell naw I don't need no mask" – J REAL

  • djvlad 7 years ago

    Watch Part 1:
    Part 2:
    Part 3:

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