Aladdin Xantander Talks “Brutal Beating” Video That Went Viral


  • ENYKINGS 7 years ago

    You shitting me lo l

  • DMV Whopee 7 years ago

    Hey ! You scared me zach gay asf

  • Ush Yamamoto 7 years ago

    Lmao zack interview this nikka lmaooo?????

  • Ryan Taylor 7 years ago

    That boy RETARDED………..

  • Eric James 7 years ago

    Nigga zack said "they was kickin Yah knees"?????

  • Eric James 7 years ago

    Oh no he betta not go to Chicago ?????

  • Eric James 7 years ago

    ??????zack said he put a blanket over him

  • Eric James 7 years ago

    Aladdinsparkthetoolie???????????nigga is too funny bro

  • murdakill 187 7 years ago

    Zack i fuck with u … but 4:53 u gay as fuck

  • Ralph Allen 7 years ago

    "Why you was making them noises?" Zack funny asll??

  • Da Plug 7 years ago


  • Da Plug 7 years ago


  • DMV Whopee 7 years ago

    Broke ass nigga finessing

  • murdakill 187 7 years ago

    Give this nigga a rape whistle

  • CB Young 7 years ago

    Dick ridin ass Vlone tattoo smdh ??‍♂️

  • Da Plug 7 years ago

    Jay Critch That Nigga??️

  • Da Plug 7 years ago

    Zack steady clownin this Nigga ???????

  • Waverunner Lays 7 years ago

    why dey kick u in the knees tho ????

  • k5lta 7 years ago

    You Know How To Do Karate?

  • Austin McGowan 7 years ago

    Lmao "You scared me " -Zack

  • JUGGBOY ESCOBAR 7 years ago

    Zack a funny mf. Why he acting like that ???

  • Eric James 7 years ago

    ?????he asked him if he wanna do gospel I'm fuckin weak this the funniest interview ever nigga zack got jokes

  • Lord Have Mercy 7 years ago

    Zack said show the knees ???? ZACK U A FUCKIN CLOWN, LITERALLY ????

  • Bkniggafrmvandykesuwoo 7 years ago

    This nigga Aladdin look like a Basement Voodoo Doll

  • Da Plug 7 years ago

    The girl wasn't screaming neither the pplp that were beating you , you jus a Flake N ah Goof Str8 Like Dat???‍♂️

  • Da Plug 7 years ago

    Jay Critch Set his ass up ??

  • drake ovo 7 years ago

    He taking about jaycritch rich forever

  • square2582 7 years ago

    Lmao he was screaming like a girl…niggas in the chi can't be feeling this clown repping b.d. and real niggas is b.d. in the chi

  • Flee Situated 7 years ago

    He lien the nigga gunna comment & flip him again

  • Marco Dubon 7 years ago

    Is them the same jordans Da Product DVD gave him on the studio session video???? with him and aladdin.

  • King Skudd 7 years ago

    Nigga talking about Jay Critch

  • Daynah Curry 7 years ago

    The ayoo kd of NY

  • †415KїddTv 7 years ago

    The Heeyy Ad lib is from Jay Critch haha I just peeped he frm NY Too!! ??????


    Jay Critch Bottom Line..

  • James071 frm Free World SMB 2-4-14 7 years ago

    These hoe as niggas aint crippin right

  • George Clinton 7 years ago

    Jay critch will piss on you lil bro no disrespect

  • Alex B 7 years ago

    That nigga was screaming like a bitch. Fuck dude. I been jumped by wayyy more niggas and not once did I scream. Fuck homie. Hope his career dies. Hope his mother banishes him from his family for screaming louder her

  • King Skudd 7 years ago

    Lmao yo zack a hoe. "It's 6 BDs out here right"

  • travelle baby 7 years ago

    Zack on the funny shit lol them shorties in new your suppose to be sharp on game,its to many legends,hustlers and go gettaz from thier,shit like this fall on big HOMMIES and being with single mothers,its only so much you can learn with out real niggaz in your ear no matter if you street or not

  • RDoubt96 7 years ago

    Does this nigga have family? He can't have ppl out here that care about him for this to keep happening.

  • ChicagoDefense 7 years ago

    The fact that he got jumped by a bunch of lames.. shit sad. Them niggas in da beginning sound and look gay as hell. I woulda shook da whole room quadruple murder

  • Pdot Smith 7 years ago

    Lmfaoo!!!! I love zack he funny as fuck!!!!!

  • RDoubt96 7 years ago

    This nigga Zack said why was you making sounds lmaoooo

  • g33k707 7 years ago

    i swear black american culture….. the epitome of it

  • creativestr 7 years ago

    He probably a smart kid but he putting out negative energy trying to be a gangster and he not. He need to leave that shit alone and just rap.

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