Ewol Samo: “I went 22-0 in jail, I never lost a fight”


  • Habitual Smoker 6 years ago

    I wish he would go to jail for going after these Nazis. These niggas are pathetic

  • ronny rambo 6 years ago

    u snitching end of story

  • RIFKIN 666 6 years ago

    dude lying saying he undefeated

    most niggas who say he never lost be lying they ass

  • Croly Coolin 6 years ago

    Lool nigga said "major" charges n then said 2/5 yrs. bruh my pops did a 9flat n my sis done 17 total n only 35

  • Dravidian Husler 6 years ago

    Lil Flip saying you got your ass beat once in jail, they caught you slippin boy!

  • TAProductions 6 years ago

    This nigga looks like my 40 year old crackhead uncle that knocks on my momma door 4 times a day asking for a dolla

  • кот бродячий 6 years ago

    I put Ewol on yo ass your ass gon run!
    -rico recklezz

  • BlockNews TV 6 years ago

    He need to stay away from Rico because niggas hate recklezz now

  • Malik Williams 6 years ago

    This nigga said "when the chief keef album dropped I was booked you woulda been heard about me" nigga do you even rap? Rico reckless put you on just because of that nut ass saying "where ewol" stop acting like u run Chicago when niggas just now hearing about you

  • ALFfan1 6 years ago

    Free Ewol

  • Damian Duarte 6 years ago

    Lol nigga stop playin u know I beat that ass

  • Silas H 6 years ago

    And your out?

  • Silas H 6 years ago

    24 years old 3 prison bits

  • Erica Spence 6 years ago

    He want win a fight against a Gun.

  • Tez Takeover 6 years ago

    Ewol : I'm 24
    Mike Lowery : 24 ? Nigga you at least 40

  • TreaSix0 6 years ago

    Everybody undefeated in the county , somebody lying ?

  • RemixKing 6 years ago

    All he did was drop his pants and bend over

  • soulboy60 6 years ago

    bullshit never lost a fight !!! who you been fighting schoolboys

  • Martin Capone 6 years ago

    Free that demon

  • Kdawg #Louisi-Animal 6 years ago

    3 gun charges 5 years????

  • Brandon Hansen 6 years ago

    Naa he 21-1 mY maanz Tay K waCked His shiT and fucked em Up

  • Keep it 1k 6 years ago

    Yea yea yea whatever E Wol

  • Tucker Bootay 6 years ago

    EWOL lowkey remind me of DMX minus the crack

  • The Truth 6 years ago

    Damn so this nigga probably beat Mayweather’s record already since he still locked up.. Ewol 89-0

  • Marquis D 6 years ago

    Every nigga ever locked up said they ran the dorm

  • CY On The Beat 6 years ago

    LMFAO dudes the Goldberg of chiraq the streak goes on…….whos next?

  • M A 6 years ago


  • Evander Coop 6 years ago

    my bro a real ass nigga but i heard he got his ass kicked this time he got locked up by some MBAM niggas

  • Zsack Brayley 6 years ago


  • El Chapo 6 years ago

    Huskie ass Solar Eclipse Shades!☻

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