Twista on Catching a Wave with Kanye on ‘Slow Jamz’ and ‘Overnight Celebrity’ (Part 2)

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Twista shared his journey through his career from leaving Loud Records after one album to signing with Atlantic off of the success of his collaboration with Do or Die called “Po Pimp.” He also shared what it was like working with Kanye on “Slow Jamz” at the start of West’s career, and riding the wave of the success with “Overnight Celebrity.”

Moving along, Twista spoke about seeing the beginnings of a genius when he first started working with Kanye and writing an open letter to him in 2016. Hit the above clip to hear what he had to say.


  • bassoonman2000 5 years ago


  • earlando salazar 5 years ago

    That resurrection album by Twista was some of his best work joe….it was jus only released locally here in Chicago but it was ????still got the tape?

  • Mic Ross 5 years ago

    Super classic record, I don't expect y'all
    Kids to understand

  • Folaurasha Jerry 5 years ago

    Twista is the shii

  • stizzle100 5 years ago

    Twista was lyrically killin bone thugs wit that fast style stackin rhyme patterns while u understood what he was sayin!!!!

  • 712k subscribers 5 years ago

    I used to fuck the shit out of my ex to slow jamz

  • Pudgey Locs 5 years ago

    Mobstability was that album…. my shit!!!!

  • BlackAdam 5 years ago

    That Adrenaline Rush album still knock!

  • GATOR Ent. /Production BUFF Records 5 years ago

    That L a slow burner lol

  • al silver 5 years ago

    Adrenaline rush top #10 albums all time

  • WESTLA LOCSTA 5 years ago


  • Eklypised 5 years ago

    Po Pimp is one of my top 5 favorite tracks of all damn time

  • ivan andrade 5 years ago


  • creativestr 5 years ago

    Use to see twist in the hood all the time. Got my first tattoo in the flea market lol. Cool dude

  • MrDiesel 202 5 years ago

    Anybody say anything bad bout twista can suck a fat one

  • EWOL SAMO'S BIG ASS WATCH 5 years ago

    Twista at a party in his mind?

  • balagel 5 years ago

    That girl bout to give it up uhh.
    That girl bout to give it up watch her.

  • Young Forever 5 years ago

    You aint a real nigga if you never blasted slow jamz while singin word for word

  • Jon Samuels 5 years ago

    ADRENALINE RUSH = CLASSIC ALBUM!!! As we say in Chicago he "SNAPPED OFF" on that album!!!

  • Najib Zafar El 5 years ago

    Damn why I couldn't do this interview. So Sexy was big off of Kamikaze as well. Adrenaline Rush is so underrated and under appreciated. I can remember being the 1st one on the block with that album. Everybody loved that album but I guess by industry standards because it didn't go platinum it wasn't one of the g.o.a.t. hip-hop albums. Shit Mobstability was slapping too.

  • jim focus 5 years ago

    People like to say Chicago sound, every rapper from Chicago sounds different

  • Michael Thomas 5 years ago

    Take a shot every time Vlad says "OK"

  • Craig David 5 years ago

    Vlad yo camera clear af bro

  • Hector Gonzalez 5 years ago

    Look like Michael Jackson!

  • Shad Moss 5 years ago

    Mystikal, twista, bizzy bone on one track together would be a hit guaranteed

  • Seymour Kitty 5 years ago


  • Glimmer Lo 5 years ago

    Vlads history on music is suspect

  • DJHENDRIX 5 years ago

    My nigga smoking on vlad I never seen this before ??

  • WestPhillyKam 5 years ago

    Jamie foxx been singing on his show before we even knew who Kanye was.

  • NIGHTFALL 5 years ago

    Ahhhh the story of how Po Pimp came to be….

  • Seth Keleher 5 years ago

    Get Caskey back on the show

  • Bizzy BTNH 4 LIFE!!! 5 years ago

    kamikaze is one of the greatest albums ever,slow jamz is a masterpiece, got a great beat, a great chorus is gon be forever my shit, word!!

  • KWestion 5 years ago

    Kanye is a fucking genius for that overnight celebrity beat. Twista bodied that shit.
    That shit still give me the chills

  • P-Money! 5 years ago

    It wasn't the VERY first joint I remember hearing from Twista, but when I first heard Heartbeat, I though that shit was so ill! Respect to a very overlooked AND underrated double OG!

  • DJ G.O.J. 5 years ago

    Twista Speaking Like He'll Never Collab With Jamie Foxx Or Kanye Again.

  • djvlad 5 years ago

    Watch Part 1:

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