Soupmakesitbetter & Norf$ide CJ – “They Fear The God In Us” [EP]

Published on June 27, 2020 by

Paid Better rappers Soupmakesitbetter & Norf$ide CJ release their collaborative project They Fear The God In Us. In 2020 the murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and countless video taped accounts of police brutality across America sparked their inspiration.

They Fear the God In Us is a timely project from paid better comrades Norf$ide CJ (NorthCarolina) & Soupmakesitbetter (Houston/Austin) Norf$ide CJ & Soup are no strangers to the plights currently facing American society.

The burden of their emotion can be felt on “Sssd” as the two prolific emcees’ verbally spare over the soulful sample and punchy drums. “My Skin” a soliloquy of the Emcees’ pride of their melanated heritage gives honest insight into the minds of the wordsmiths.

From the first down beat to the poetic outro “They Fear The God In Us” is a honest, soulful, heartfelt project that is relevant and necessary.The project comes from Soupmakesitbetters’ own label Paid Better Records.


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