SamSos Ft. Pilla – “Pull Up”

Published on November 16, 2017 by

SamSos and Pilla is the group G.Y.G.N, SamSos is from Boston MA and Pilla is from South Carolina, they met each other at the age of 15 and was friends ever since! From the ages of 18-22 SamSos was sign to a independent record label and Pilla was currently a engineer at the time. SamSos and Pilla eventually was reunited in the year 2008 were they release 2 projects “Free Siggallh Free Banger” And “Triangle Offense”. SamSos went on to work on 2 solo projects and multiple rap cyphers with artist like: Charlie Clips, DNA, and Harlem Legend T-Rex! SamSos has over 12 cyphers including “Jack Thriller 16 or better” Also “Grindmode Cypher” and 30 music videos collectively! SamSos and Pilla has drop 2 new mixtapes “SamSos vs Pilla’ And “Project 1200” they are now currently working on the mixtape “Money” Which is set to release this Nov 2017! Stay tuned and look out for New Music!

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