Petrella – “Working In The USA”

Published on December 26, 2017 by

Her video clip “Working in the USA” takes us all across America. The song contains elements of both country and rock and roll, taking us on a journey alongside this featured artist. From delectable food to fancy drinks, we watch as Petrella ventures across the country inspiring all with her energetic approach to country music. Each and every scene includes Petrella and her award-winning smile that truly captivates her audience. “Working in the USA” is a song about travelling and doing the things Petrella loves best, especially making groundbreaking and noteworthy music.

Petrella’s ability to turn heads and to grab the attention of any audience is noteworthy and she does so in the latest clip “Working in the USA.” The video shows viewers what every American citizen does—whether it’s enjoying the nightlife or working construction, Petrella doesn’t leave any one out. Join HIP Video Promo as we celebrate her 25th year in the music industry with her new album Shine On Me.

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