M Jane VIII – “Ten Feet Tall”

Published on November 17, 2020 by

M Jane VIII wrote, arraigned and produced Ten Feet Tall. The song is based on her personal Ego within her own world. M Jane VIII started writing the song during the Pandemic in 2020 when it got really bad, as everyone went into quarantine. While in quarantine, she started writing the song and she began to drift off into a trance like she was in a different world and M Jane VIII was Ten Feet Tall and she had the biggest Ego or Balls to where she could say or do anything that she wanted.

Ten Feet Tall appears to be mostly about Basketball because she used a few big Basketball names that everyone knows. However, the song is actually based on her own Personal Ego within her own Personal World. Within the song, M Jane VIII used Basketball Metaphors, such as Lavar Ball, lyrics “my Ego it stand like Ten Feet Tall” just like a Basketball Goal height and she also mention Kyrie Irving because of the way he dribbles the basketball and how swift he moves while playing. These metaphors actually relate to M Jane VIII being in her own world where she have a big Ego and lots of confidence, just like Lavar Ball and Kyrie Irving.

This song really helped M Jane VIII personally while writing it, as it gave her the Ego and the confidence she needs to win her own personal battles and the challenges that she face each day. M Jane VIII really hopes that this song will inspire others and help them obtain their desired Ego and confidence they need to win their battles and challenges they may be facing.

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