Jordan Barone (@JordanBarone_) – “Same Thing”

Published on October 17, 2018 by

Staten Island-based contemporary R&B and Hip-Hop recording artist, Jordan Barone, releases his debut music video “Same Thing.” From the mind of young director, Whipalo, comes a double-feature music video that explores Jordan’s ability to master different vibes/genres.

“Same Thing” is a heartfelt ballad of doubt within one’s love-life that is bone-chilling yet soothing all at once, whereas “Used To” is a proclamation of the artist’s passion, which is translated energetically to the listener. The autobiographical narrative echoes a fusion, encompassing the singer-songwriter narrative, all rooted in Hip-Hop. The curation of these songs convey versatility in Barone’s writing style, and serves as a teaser to his debut EP, “Midnight Conversation,” expected to release late 2018.


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