J. Drive (@therealjdrive) – “Understand”

Published on March 19, 2020 by

Artist : J.Drive
Production : Palaze
Engineer : King Atiim
Mixtape/Album/Ep : OVERDRIVE 🌊🥀
TheGrandEmpire 👑

In his new Single “Understand” J.Drive vents he became tired of working his 9-5 job so he formulated a plan to only work until he has saved up enough money to invest everything into his dream of becoming an artist and make a serious push. He’s battled everything from drug addiction, abuse, heartbreak, poverty, failing college and losing multiple scholarships and etc… This track was made to hopefully get the people he has let down and others to rally behind him and support him despite understanding that he could very well fail again and once again lose everything he’s worked so hard to get back. In his eyes his dreams are worth the risk and so much more. God is definitely behind him on this one & hopes the world is too for a change. #UNDERSTAND #OVERDRIVE

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