Cashmere Chase – “Jumpmane’s Tape” [Mixtape] #Featured

Published on April 17, 2019 by

“We made Jumpmane’s tape against our own will lol crazy as it sounds, its the truth. this is NOT meant to be taken LITERAL. this is just art. this is just expression. this is just me painting pictures in my head of things i’ve seen heard felt or experienced. i don’t recommend ANYONE taking anything that you may hear on this tape or may see me do or say in my life too seriously in your own lives. think of it as listening to a movie. i have my own interests and there’s things that i find interesting that others may find weird, scary, or disturbing, but they are real things that really have happened or really do exist. at the end of the day, to each his own. think the way you want to think, and use self control, but never hurt each other. find a way to express yourself that causes no harm to anyone but gives YOU satisfaction. but NEVER hurt each other. pain only causes more pain, and that can lead to violence. and as we can all see, violence only causes more violence EVERY TIME…. i wish no harm on ANYONE in real life. im really the nicest guy you’ll ever meet, if we meet. life is beautiful. no matter what happens, i want all my old friends and loved ones to know that i only want to see people happy and grow. everyone just love everyone and be happy 🙂 with a brain and self control, you LITERALLY can do anything you put your mind to ! now go get money..”


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