BigMoneyBrezzy (@BigMoneyBrezzy) – “The One” #Featured”

Published on April 3, 2021 by

It was only right the Swaggiest Austinite Bigmoneybrezzy, Release the Anticipated Official Music Video for one of his latest and greatest projects of all time “The One” Single. The Song is also featured on his last ep which is also called “The One”.
Just when you thought the Brezze wasnt working he keeps tricks up his sleeve to keep his swaggateers entertain, he just been so busy making major moves, So just be on the look out for his upcoming single “So What feat. Sy Ari Da Kid” which is bound to drop sometime in june, and also another ep “Groovy Texas” will be getting released sometime this year…..

So Stay Tuned Swaggateers and you can find me here

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